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Suku Anak Dalam

Anak Dalam tribe or Orang Rimba are one  minority tribes who lived on the island of sumatra precisely in the province of Jambi and South Sumatra;the majority live in Jambi province, with an estimated population of about 200,000 people.

History says they came from Pagaruyung, who fled to Jambi. This reinforced the fact indigenous tribes have a common ancestor in the language and customs of the tribe  of  Minangkabau, such as the matrilineal system.

They live in Jambi  in 3 different ecological regions, namely people in the northern stronghold of Jambi province in Bukit Tigapuluh national park, and the south province of Jambi
They are nomadic and live his life based on hunting and gathering, although many of them now have agricultural land 
I post here some photos I took from Suku Anak Dalam from different locations around Jambi province
From Padang,west sumatran capital we need around 15 hours to arrive to the city of Bangko and then a couple of hours more to arrive to Bukit Duabelas;we slept in kerinci the day before and then next morning we departed for Bangko from Sungai Penuh,a 7 hours drive

We went to Bangko from Sunagipenuh and stop by the road at one Warung to have some lunch;this Varanus was close to the Warung sunbathing on a rock on the river 

Here cooking our food,barbecue river fish with sauce padang

Here is our driver Om Jon and my wife and kid eating the delicious fish

This was one of our guide to Bikit Duabelas 

Another guide of us to Bukit Duabelas

In Bukit Duabelas there are many Palm Oil plantations and many of the employers of the plantations are Javanese migrants;just on the edge of plantations starts the rainforest;walking around 5 hours we arrive to the Anak Dalam hamlet 

We met many anak dalam on the way to their village;they were walking in the  night on the way to the village in the  plantations;once a week they come out from the jungle and go to the village market to buy some things and also to sell their caughts of fish;there are some anak dalam that live already with a foot inside modernity but the oldest ones still live deep inside the forest and still try do follow a nomadic life and subsist on what they hunt and gather from forests

it started to rain and we spent the night under this shelter until the sun came up next morning and then we followed to walking with them to the market

Walking to the market inside the palm oil plantations

It had been raining a lot and the way to the anak dalam hamlet was all inundated until several meters deep 

This is the Palm Oil fruit from wich it is extracted the oil that is widely used in  all cakes,cookies,soaps and lately now is being used as biodiesel and imported in great quantities to europe

An old Javanese woman in the market 

This is Bangko the capital of Regency of Merangin in Jambi and is where is located Bukit Duabelas National Park where lives the anak dalam tribes

The rainforests on the road back to Sungai Penuh

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One of the many oil pumps that are around Jambi province

This photo is taken in the area of Sungai Bahar in Jambi,we brough them a box of water bottles

Their huts in Sungai Bahar

These ones are also anak dalam living inside Harapan Rainforest close to the border with south sumatra

Our car,a toyota avanza was getting stucked in the mud

HUnting weapons

In Harapan Rainforest lives this old anak dalam with his grandchildren

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